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Our SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS® meal not only tastes good, it gets high marks for being a better-for-you option. And, that’s something any parent can feel great about.

Packed with goodness, each meal comes with a Fit Mini Sub, fresh apple slices, low-fat milk and a fun reusable bag, too!

Black Forest Ham
Turkey Breast
Roast Beef
We’re the first fast food restaurant with meals certified by the American Heart Association. Look for the Heart-Check logo next to items on our menu that meet the AHA’s strict health standards.
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We're the first and only fast food restaurant recognized by The Partnership for a Healthier America for our kids’ meals, which encourage children to pile all their favorite veggies on their subs.
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To meet American Heart Association® nutritional criteria, certified meals include designated salads with sweet onion dressing or 6” subs both built to standard formula, served with apple slices and water. SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS® MEALS  include designated 4-inch sub, apple slices and 12 oz. low-fat milk.

While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of this disease.
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